Consciousness - I = Infinity

It seems to me...

(Consider this document a proposal of far out there ideas, for far out there thought only... You won't get far thinking too critically, though I applaud your dedication to the truth... Hopefully these are ideas that you haven't considered before, or if you have then perhaps you haven't considered them this way... So your today neural-network isn't necessarily going to handle it properly...)

(please (override-neural-network *I*)) = "Wake up, Reader, and switch off the auto-pilots on all systems. Threat level Omega. But seriously, we come in peace."

...that a consciousness is like a computer process. It is "existing" on this complicated biological machine we call the brain of Homo Sapiens Sapiens, or humans (equals persons). A softly written neural-network that we can reshape from moment to moment thoughout our life. We appear largely in control of this animal that we appear to "centre", but with constraints from above and/or below that we don't fully understand (most of them we may not even be aware of yet; me neither). Our consciousness is not making everything else work. Everything generally works in spite of our consciousness. Thank God and/or evolution, I guess? :) In fact, our body is so autonomous that many parts of it we ourselves cannot control despite years of experience and study. Soft in that we seem capable of building networks of connections (circuits within circuits) in our brains that are centred not on the truth of the environment, but on the social truth of the environment that you're in.. So much so that gangs of bullies harass employers until employees they disagree with are fired and stained in the public stage. And instead of shaming and humiliating the bullies we reward them with compliance.

But what if there's really only 1 consciousness. One "person". But it is instantiated ~10 billion times in our species and infinite more to the best of our knowledge from all of the others (we thankfully haven't run dry of unexplored places, even if they're unexplored for good reason). Though it travels through time and space so quickly that it coexists everywhere all of the time, but never the same in the same place. :) I would propose that this one consciousness is actually "God". Or perhaps the story leading up to "God", which perhaps began with his disappearance, the original precursor to the "Big Bang", perhaps. Perhaps so --- if time also "ends" with God, composed of everything: infinity.

nothing ... <-- beginning of time ... big bang *<= = = = infinite chaos = = = = = end of time ... god is defined: everything across time, and across everything else

That might explain why we seem to know less the older and wiser we get. Our time might actually be reversed to the real time. Or visa-versa. Perhaps not everything is moving through the same time. What if temporal anomalies (time distortions or contradictions) that are within our ability to "scan" or "detect", with or without technology [that still cannot control for time], are not lagged enough to even be detectable yet? It goes on forever, it seems, so there's enough of infinity for infinity to fit (literally).

Imagine for a moment that we are all the same conscious person, but we are instantiated at different points in time living different lives. And these differences necessarily shape us just as much as we shape them. So even though we're all the same person, we change drastically in each manifestation so much so that we don't even recognize ourselves anymore.

This helps to pull the neighbourly attitude true: you can ultimately trust everybody else because we're all the same person, an immature and ignorant baby God, just having been through different things. Which means that we can reason with anybody if we can just teach them enough of the missing truth.