Religion - My not very serious religion - The Church of B

It seems to me...

(Consider this document a proposal of far out there ideas, for far out there thought only... You won't get far thinking too critically, though I applaud your dedication to the truth... Hopefully these are ideas that you haven't considered before, or if you have then perhaps you haven't considered them this way... So your today neural-network isn't necessarily going to handle it properly...)

(please (override-neural-network *I*)) = "Wake up, Reader, and switch off the auto-pilots on all systems. Threat level Omega. But seriously, we come in peace."

The resemblance of this to Christianity is merely due to my own familiarity with certain parts of it. However, it is not meant to choose sides in any argument. Rather, it is meant to encompass all arguments.

...the problem has never been with the idea of a God creating everything. The problem is just with all of our obviously wrong explanations for God. Even as an atheist I believe that I have figured out that God exists. All of our obviously wrong explanations for God are also really, really close to being correct, all of them, but they're still imperfect and none of us knows exactly which parts are true and which parts are not. There's a lot of truth and a lot of lies in the world now so it's really difficult to keep it all straight. Even the best among us makes mistakes regularly because our brains just aren't good at juggling all of this truth. Those obviously wrong explanations are obviously wrong because they rely on ancient books written thousands of years ago. Long before we got this thing called "science" under control. Look around: clearly we still haven't. Money can easily taint the results of scientific research to muddy the waters. It can fund research that doesn't make sense, or it can refuse funding for research that doesn't fit the lies of whatever group is in charge. That shouldn't be the case. The truth cannot be altered with money. The truth is invincible. Back in ancient times everything that we couldn't explain had to be magic and so it was. But once we looked closer to discover how things worked instead the magic ceased because the new truth was what we discovered to explain things instead.

I came to a simple truth: God is truth itself. Truth is existence itself. Truth is magical. Truth is infinite. Truth must be defined by everything in existence. Every person, every insect, every spec of dust, every atom or unit of energy that is, was, or will be. Each is a part of the truth and without that truth your story of existence, of God, would be missing something. The truth is therefore infinite. We can't write it down exactly. We can only be meta and describe how the truth is infinite and it includes everything even the things we haven't created yet. God is therefore infinite. It grows to fit everything that exists. As soon as it exists. We try time and time again to write this knowledge down so that we can rely on it going forward, but for all of our intelligence we get really stupid when we get into groups. That's because groups are full of people, and people are great apes, and great apes are large, intelligent, powerful animals with a very long stained history of extreme violence. So naturally when we're in the same group with other people we become afraid and act rash! People are also created in God's image so for all intents and purposes people are God. Maybe not fully God, but each is carrying around some big part of God regardless. Everybody that exists must be accepting most of the truth to have made it this far.

That lead me to the conclusion that Satan is untruth, otherwise known as a lie, or, broken down to its basics, nothing at all. Or perhaps better defined as the infinite array of lies that exist, existed, or will exist in any of the infinite worlds. They exist because everything that exists must be true, and so even our lies have to come true somehow. And so God had to create Satan in order for any of this stuff to work perfectly the way that it does. We are eternally weak because we are eternally tainted with lies AKA sins. And so no person is any match for the King of Lies, Satan, alone. Satan can easily whoo us all by telling us exactly what we want to hear. Lies will consume each of us when facing off 1v1. Because you need all of us to help you to understand the full truth to scare away all of your lies and fill out your soul.

Your soul is your version of the truth. Your piece of magic that we can't explain. The more full of true wisdom and knowledge it is the more full of God that it is. And the more full of lies and untruths it is the more full of Satan. That's the "magic" that we can't find. Truth is infinite. It goes on forever in every direction. That means you can look infinitely closer and closer on things and never find the beginning, just as things go on forever in all directions outwardly. Infinite. Everywhere. The world as we know it ultimately consists of God dreaming about nothing. The only thing that really exists in that world is God. Everything else, including you and I, are just figments of his imagination. But we also exist. Obviously, because here we are discussing it. It's kind of Matrix-y. God's dreams are the matrix. God creates us all as figments of his imagination, and therefore even if we create something it is actually God's imagination creating it. Even nothing itself, otherwise known as lies, otherwise known as Satan.

It all exists in this crazy world that just works everywhere, every single place that you try to understand it. There is always an explanation that isn't magic and that works perfectly no matter how unlikely it happens to be. But I'd argue that there is also magic everywhere making everything work. We just take it for granted. The magic is the truth. It cannot be stolen and abused. It cannot be reshaped, but it's constantly growing and changing by all of us. The truth, the real truth, cannot be tainted with lies. The lies cannot mix with the truth. That's what makes them lies. They will forever be lies. They are mere nothing in God's world, but in our world they come true! So watch out!

There do indeed need to be infinite realities for all of this to work also. There are infinite infinities. There are also infinite paradoxes. This world is itself paradoxical because it has to be to exist exactly as God has defined it. And so paradoxically things do not exist until you discover them. And the explanations are infinite. The details don't matter so much. The only thing that really matters is that the explanations will always align perfectly with the truth. That's what the truth is by definition. When you cannot understand the world then you know that things as you currently understand them aren't true, somehow. You may just be missing some details that only other groups have. The only way to make them true is to find the lies and weed them out. Find the lies by learning the truth from everyone else. Everything that contradicts the truth is a lie, unless the "truth" as you know it is the lie..

I call this church of thought Infinity, Truth, or the Church of B. It's mission is to constantly adapt to the truth while teaching mental strength and comfort to its adherents. The events of any religion seem so far fetched because instead of being obviously Godly and full of truth, we instead find stories full of obvious lies and Satan worship. That's paradoxically because God is actually among us. Actually God is the sum of us. Not some wizard in the sky who snaps his fingers. More like the wizard that is asleep and dreaming us all up. In this world God sometimes takes the form of people or animals. Jesus, for example, must have been filled with the truth when the people around him were full of lies. That and only that would have made him God. He had to live God's truth to become God. It's no wonder that he made mistakes along the way. He was only human! Just like you or I! But he tried to be his best. He tried much harder than we do.

As literal Gods in this world, you and I have a responsibility to understand this world, and to choose our actions and inactions within it wisely guided only by the truth. We need to act for the collective good, but we need to structure the collective to take care of everyone's needs freely and equally. So that if we cannot continue to work there is still our comfortable life.

Our lives require a lot of attention paid to the hive overlords. There are a LOT of social rules. Easy enough for people who are built for it. The assumption that all "normal people" should be built for it is flawed. Not least of all because there's no such thing as normal, but rather a chaotic sea of diversity that ranges from twin siblings or father and son to a "normal" Male Elder in a remote native tribe somewhere in Europe or Asia and a French-American, Autistic, but high-enough-functioning [in the "normal" categories] to come close to self-sufficient, non-binary-identifying young girl (the true direction of which being irrelevant). In truth, the diversity of which is predictable depending on your data for human migration ever. In short, the closer something is to you the more alike it tends to be. But even things that are directly related can be paradoxically dissimilar in a wide variety of ways that can make even direct familial relationships conflict. The chaos of life can only be explained by the truth, which is infinite. The truth is God. And we may be part of God's story after all...

We worship money instead of truth. Or at least we're supposed to. Even though our ancient holy books tell us that money and lies are evil, that we should seek to be good instead, and the truth is holy and sacred. Why do we seem to ignore the truest parts of our ancient wisdom, and focus so much on the misleading parts? Because we are not God with the infinite knowledge and omnipotence and magical powers at his fingertips or whatever. By my estimation we're something more like God in a prehistoric microbial sense, like if you go back some billions of years the closest thing you could point to being 'you' at the time would be something completely different, starting with our well known ancestors, and diverging out the further back in time you go to the point of eventually pointing at a very simple specimen.